Agile Online

A Project Based 2 Day Workshop To Learn How To Create, Innovate And Deliver With A Distributed Online Agile Team.

All skill levels are welcome to this workshop, which challenges attendees with the opportunity to create, innovate and deliver a project like an optimised Agile team. 

The activity is:

  • Fully immersive and enables teams to actively collaborate and innovate online
  • Creates a high performance distributed Agile working environment using some of the most popular tools at the moment
  • Develops confidence in the teams to apply Agile in their work the very next day
  • For new to Agile and experienced practitioners who want to learn new skills or sharpen up their approaches when working remotely

This 2 day immersive workshop includes the following learning objectives:

  1. AGILE ECO-SYSTEM - How to use various tools to help teams actively collaborate online and gain more productivity than working in an office
  2. AGILE VALUES - Living and breathing the underlying Agile values to interact as a team, produce real software, collaborate with customers and respond to change
  3. AGILE FRAMEWORK - Experience Agile using the most popular Agile frameworks avaialable such as Scrum or Kanban to help teams collaborate and adapt to feedback
  4. AGILE CULTURE - How to build an innovative culture in your teams through active servant leadership, facilitation and coaching
  5. AGILE ADAPTATION - How to respond to feedback and make a customer impact that resonates

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